BSP Fiji Overview

BSP Fiji is one of the largest banks in Fiji. It has been known as BSP Fiji since 2009 when the bank was bought by the Bank South Pacific Group. Before that it was known as Colonial, a bank which dates back to 1873. Today BSP Fiji has 24 branches and a network of 105 ATMs across the country. It offe... read more

BSP Fiji Discussion

  • Q: I am living in the USA, can I open a savings account with you while I am here. I intend to save some money before I return home after 5 years. Thanks.

    Reply Poate M from Sacramento, United States
    • R: May I recommend a savings plan that many of our US residence who are fiji citizens using? I am employed under BSPlife which is the insurance atm of Bro.

      Reply Eroni